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How do you know if an online casino is reliable or not? Casting a glance at his r policy ITHDRAWAL ! What would be the point of playing for money if not? You guessed it, the withdrawal methods offered by casinos make the difference between them greatly. We will talk in more detail in the following, about the money withdrawal offers offered by  Madnix casino . How long will it take before seeing his earnings transferred? The answer is below.

Madnix casino’s avant-garde withdrawal offer

If you did not already know by consulting this article,  Madnix casino is still a very young online casino . Having not yet celebrated its first candle, this establishment promises its customers all kinds of innovative offers. This promotion-rich policy has no other purpose than to compensate as well as possible for the glaring lack of means to carry out transactions.

In the midst of an era when the internet is in full swing and financial operations are done with a snap of the fingers (literally), players expect a minimum of choice as to how they can recover their winnings. And they have not finished being  disappointed by Madnix casino , because the only ways to debit money from their  player account to their bank account are traditional forwarders:

  • MasterCard.
  • Visa card.
  • The Maestro card.
  • Cashlib.

On the other hand, the Madnix casino  collects many points thanks to the speed of the processing shown by its teams. A superb  delay of 24 hours to see his request accepted, then a few days to receive the funds, a major argument for Madnix Casino. In all, withdrawal from Madnix casino should not take more than a week, contact customer service if not for more information . And with regard to the limit amounts, these are relatively generous, with a maximum of 2,500 euros to be withdrawn at once, with a maximum of 2 withdrawals per week.

Which sets the bar at 20,000 euros per month. However, the lower limit is slightly higher: at least 100 euros.

Madnix casino towards reforms concerning withdrawals?

Again, this withdrawal list was modified at the request of several  Madnix casino customers , it was not always so pleasant. Indeed, these payment methods were added very recently, barely a few months ago. When the site was first opened, withdrawals were only available by  bank transfer. A few more additions would be welcome on this limited list. And this, not only in order to save time but also money. Using cards a little too often can quickly make the bill for bank charges a little too salty. Madnix casino understands  this point well and is therefore working on adding other modalities in the future.

Regulars of the platform also declare unanimously their desire to see the  withdrawal methods on Madnix casino , which are added as soon as possible:

  • Skrill.
  • Clean.
  • PaySafeCard.
  • PayPal.


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